Making The Most Of Your Gifts With InfiniGift

Giving and receiving gifts is a common occurrence for almost everyone. From the time we are able to start communicating we are conditioned to give and receive gifts, especially around certain occasions. 

What is the first Christmas you remember? What's the first birthday party you remember?

What's the first gift you remember giving? What is the first gift you remember receiving?

All of these are joyous occasions usually filled with warmth, family, friends and good times. The problem is the gifts associated with them don't last nearly as long as the memories. Even more, most of the gifts either end up eaten, broken or trashed shortly after receiving them.

InfiniGift provides a platform to turn a portion of those gifts into building blocks of a strong financial future. By creating a registry of stocks with InfiniGift you give your family and friends the opportunity to make the most of their gifts to you. Just as the legend of the Great Thanksgiving Backyard Football Game of '93 has grown over the years (your dad probably did make a great catch, but the part about dodging a deer probably is a little much), InfiniGifts CAN actually grow over time. 

According to the National Retail Federation we spend a lot of money around holidays. Over $658 billion dollars was spent during November and December of 2016. Think about the impact of what taking a tenth or a quarter of that and putting it into investments could do. Better yet, think about if you could take a tenth or a quarter of all the gifts you personally will receive and turn them into investments. Wouldn't that be awesome?

The good news is it doesn't have to be just a nice thought. We are in development now and would love to have you be among the first to be on our platform. You can sign up here for the waiting list.

Aaron Galloway
Founder/CEO - InfiniGift